Custom Sports Guards

Want to know something crazy? More than 5 million teeth get knocked out each year in sports. What's the next safest thing to standing on the sidelines? Wearing handy-dandy sports guard, of course. This device, which fits in your mouth and covers your upper teeth, is a must if you play any sport where getting hit in the face with something be it a football, a boxing glove or a squirrel is a possibility. Remember: not all sports that put you at risk for dental injuries are contact sports. Some non-contact sports like skating and gymnastics can cause broken teeth too.

Custom sports guards protect your tongue, lips and cheek lining, and significantly lessen the risk of broken teeth and mouth injuries.The American Dental Association estimates that over 200,000 mouth injuries are prevented every year because of sports guards. If you wear your sports guard properly, you can decrease your risk for injury by 99 percent.

Lots of sporting good stores offer mouthguards, but these versions aren't as effective as the custom made ones by Dr. Tinkle. Store-bought mouthguards can't be altered; plus, you have to clench your teeth so they'll work the right way. We can customize the sports guard by using an exact duplicate of your mouth. The guard will stay put with no effort, and you can wear a comfortably-fitting piece that shields your teeth from harm while you keep your attention where you want it: on your game.