Fluoride Treatments

While we highly recommend these treatments, at our practice they are always optional and voluntary. 

Fluoride, a mineral that naturally occurs in all kinds of water sources, makes your teeth more resistant against acid, which causes cavities. 

You can use fluoride systematically or topically to benefit your teeth. If you drink fluoridated water, or any other fluoridated beverage, you're getting a systematic benefit since the fluoride is being ingested. The fluoride in the liquids you drink will strengthen your tooth enamel and make it stronger, thereby making it more resistant to cavities. 

Using fluoride topically means applying it to the surface of your teeth. This happens when you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste or use any other kind of fluoride treatment that you put directly to your teeth. Dr. Tinkle can give you a topical fluoride treatment that will help rebuild weakened enamel and fight decay.