One Visit Dentistry

Remember the last time you had a crown done? It took at least two appointments. During your first visit, you had to have impressions taken with that nasty goop that tickled your gag reflex.

Then you went home with one of those thin aluminum or plastic temporary crowns that often falls off within days. You had to wait up to two weeks while the lab made your permanent crown. In the meantime, you couldn't eat anything hard or sticky that might pull your temporary crown out.

When the waiting was over, you saw your dentist for your second appointment. You crossed your fingers and hoped the crown fit and matched the color of your other teeth.

Thank goodness we don't make you go through that process! We'll get you a crown that perfectly mimics your natural teeth, and we'll do it in one visit. We don't stop at crowns  we can also get you bridges and veneers within the same speedy time frame.

You won't have to deal with the nasty goop anymore because we use a 3D scanner and a high-powered computer to image and design your new crown. Then we'll mill it right in our office, give it a custom stain and glaze and perfect it in our special porcelain oven. In a matter of minutes, we'll have your beautiful new restoration set permanently in your mouth.

After your appointment, you'll get to go on your merry way without having to worry about what you're going to eat and when you're going to set up your second dental appointment. Our process isn't only quicker  it completely revolutionizes the quality, esthetics and convenience of restorative dentistry. We know you'll notice the difference.